Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: How to Summon and Beat the Four Secret Chaos Chamber Bosses (2023)

Little Tina's Wonderlandhas retained certain elements that previous Borderlands games were known for, e.gover-the-top side quest filled with referencesand an almost infinite amount of Legendary Loot. But this Borderlands spin-off has a few new mechanics that turn it into a whole new game.

One such example is the Chaos Chamber, where players will farm most of their endgame gear and Mystic Levels. But there is more to the Chamber of ChaosLittle Tina's Wonderlandthan meets the eye as it also features four secret bosses for players to beat. These secret bosses only spawn if a player completes certain stages during their Chaos Chamber run.

How to prepare to fight the four chaos chamber bosses

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As players can expect, they will need to bring the right gear to effectively beat the secret Chaos Chamber bosses. The good news is that each boss has a specific elemental weakness:Frost, poison, fire and lightning. Bring weapons of every element (except Dark Elemental Damage) and that way players will be able to beat the bosses with ease. Melee weapons are not recommended as the bosses are constantly moving around the map, which doesn't allow for a melee (althoughmaybe a powerful Hammerzerker build can do the trick). Once prepared with the correct equipment, players can beginFeatured Chaos Chamber Run.(Note that Normal or Hard Chaos Chamber mode will not work if players want to summon all four bosses.)

After completing a chaos wave, look for a rune (yellow, green or blue) on a wall. If a player hears a faint laugh, it is an indication that there is a Rune nearby. Players should note that only one rune will spawn per wave and that the runes appear in random order; for example, in one race players may find the yellow rune first, but in the next they may find the blue rune first. Also, if a player fails a Rune puzzle, they can no longer summon that boss, and if they want to face The Maker (Tiny Tina) they will have tocomplete all three Rune puzzles.

Yellow Rune Puzzle

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The yellow rune is perhaps the easiest puzzle to solve, as it mostly involves shooting a bright yellow orb. Once activated, players must quickly follow the yellow track until it stops and turns into a large yellow orb. Be careful while shooting it as it will emit a powerful beam of light that will blind the player and then move to another location. Players can look away or hide from the beam to avoid being seen. When the ball moves a third time, the puzzle will fail.

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Players recommend using a fast-firing weapon like an SMG (which can be obtained from agricultural managers) to destroy the yellow orb. Once destroyed, the yellow orb will explode and summon Bunnidhogg as one of the final Chaos Chamber Bosses.

Blue Rune Puzzle

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The blue rune is a bit trickier than the yellow one as it involves guiding a whisk to a blue orb. Once activated, players must follow the blue path until it stops and summon three spikes in front of a pool of Blue Essence. Players must then stand on the blue essence until one of the spikes transforms into a crystal ball.

Once transformed, the crystal ball will follow the player around the map. The player must guide it to a large blue ball and then shoot the crystal ball (or hit it with any melee weapon) when next to it to complete the puzzle. This adds Gloopathoth to the final Chaos Chamber boss fight. Notice thatthe crystal ball will break if it touches anything, so players only have three chances to complete the Blue Rune Puzzle.

Green Rune Puzzle

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The Green Rune Puzzle is perhaps the most challenging of the three, as players will have to shoot orbs in a specific order to complete the puzzle. When the player reaches the area where the green trail ends, they will notice a large green mushroom sprouting from the ground. Jump on it to activate the puzzle.

The mushroom will shoot several spores into the air, one of which will have purple light on it. The player will have toshoot this marked track before it hits the ground. Once the first track is destroyed, the purple lights will move onto another track, which the player must also shoot. Players must complete this three times to complete the puzzle.

Some weapons, such asLegendary Swordsplosion shotgun, works particularly well to destroy the spores. Once completed, Barkenstein will be added to the final Chaos Chamber boss pool.

Chaos Chamber Boss Fights

Once all the rune puzzles are done, it's time for the actual boss fights. The order in which the player completes the Rune Puzzles is the order in which they will fight the Secret Chamber of Chaos bosses. Players will fight them one after the other, and if they lose all their lives during the fight, they willlose all their Chaos Chamber Crystals,so make sure you prepare fully before entering.

To start the Secret Chaos Chamber Boss fights,enter the red portalafter beating the last Chaos Chamber wave.

Bunnidhogg Boss Fight

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For this boss fight, players mustuse their Poison Elemental Weaponas Bunnidhogg is weak to this element. Players may notice that Bunnidhogg looks a lot like Vorcanarwho players can fight in Mount Craw.

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Bunnidhogg has several powerful attacks that can instantly down a player. It will create lava pools near the player throughout the match, thenmovement is keyto survive the boss fight. Also, it will summon several large pillars that will damage a player if they are near them, so destroy those pillars as quickly as possible. Finally, Bunnidhogg will randomly move around the map in a snake-like motion with the yellow orb on his head.

As players can expect thanks to the puzzle described above, they will have to avoid the orb's gaze. Fortunately, this yellow orb is exactly like the Rune Puzzle, as players can look away from its gaze to prevent damage.

Gloopathoth Boss Fight

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Players must use theirsFrost Elemental weapon for this boss,as Gloopathoth is extremely weak to frost damage. Gloopathoth will become immune to damage throughout most of the match unless the players shoot the crystal balls that Gloopathoth shoots at the player. Once the player destroys three crystal balls, they will be able to damage Gloopathoth.

Players can deal even more damage to Gloopathoth if they destroy the crystal orbs near a Blue Orb that spawns during battle. Once destroyed near the Blue Orb, Gloopathoth will be stunned, allowing the player to deal massive damage.

Barkenstein Boss Fight

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Finally, players should use their Fire Elemental weapons or spells here, as Barkenstein and his mushroom minions are weak to shooting. Barkenstein will release numerous spores into the air throughout the fight, which will transform into large clouds of poison when they hit the ground. Players can interrupt this attack by shooting the spores with purple light (like the Green Rune Puzzle).

Barkenstein also has a powerful lunge attack that can slow a player down. Fortunately, players can interrupt it by shooting the purple lights on its legs. Overall, Barkenstein is the hardest of the three secret bosses,so having a secondary class with skills that increase constitution or ward strength is a must.

The Final Showdown: The Maker Boss Fight

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After beating all three bosses in one run, players must face the creator of Dungeon & Badasses: Tiny Tina herself. Although Tiny Tina can be damaged with oneLightning Elemental weapon,players should focus their attacks on the Void Bunnies that she will constantly summon during the fight. This is because when a player destroys one of the Void Bunnies, it will drop a Rune that players can approach while facing Tiny Tina to damage her.

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After Tiny Tina loses a certain amount of HP, she will become immune and summon a D20. She then rolls the D20 and uses a spell based on that roll. According to the age-old rules of tabletop RPGs, the higher the cast, the more damage the spell will deal. When Tina is about to be defeated, she will teleport to the center of the map and start sending out shockwaves that can only be avoided by jumping (similar to the Dragon Lord's poison blast). In that phase, the players mustdamage her with a Lightning Elementalweapon until she loses all her HP.

After players beat The Maker, she will drop several hundred Chaos Crystals plus some legendary loot. If a player wishes to fight her or the other bosses again, they can do so by completing the Rune Puzzle stages again. This provides a great way tofarm gold and legendary loot.

Little Tina's Wonderlandis available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.



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