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Riven Gate is a banished outpost that you can conquer in Halo Infinite. Our guide looks at the objectives and collectibles you can find in this facility.

Banished Outpost: Riven Gate location and objectives


Riven Gate is located in the southeast section of the map on Island 4 - Sequence. Based on campaign progress, FOB November is the closest location with friendlies. This fortress is further west of it behind the valley.

Lower the three gates

Our goal at the Riven Gate Banished Outpost in Halo Infinite is to tear down all three giant barricades in each section of the facility. Scan the area to find the locations of these terminals. One quick interaction and you should be done with any task.

Perhaps the only thing that will cause a bit of trouble is the central panel. It's inside a building, and the switch to open it is in a nearby sniper turret. This building also houses a banshee that you can fly.

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Destroy the power generator

We recommend parking the Banshee along the cliffs outside the facility (you can use your grappleshot to return there). This is to prevent it from being destroyed too soon.

In any case, if you've already lowered the gates, you'll be prompted to destroy the power generator. Get on your Banshee and fly to the marked location (you can park the Banshee on the roof).

Go inside the building to find oneAudioprotokoll. Then follow the tunnel to the right and take out the Elite and Jackals. Also, there's an alcove further down the tunnel where you'll find oneSpartan core. Finally, complete the objective by interacting with the panel here.

Riven Gate collectibles

Below are the collectibles you can find in Riven Gate and the surrounding area. We've also included the checklists, numbered according to their placement in that particular zone on the world map.

  • Spartan Core 4 - Riven Gate
  • Spartan Core 5 – Riven Gate Nordosten
  • UNSC - Outpost Intel 13 - Trench Warfare
  • UNSC - Outpost Intel 14 - Recovery
  • Verbannt - Outpost Intel 13 - The Great Spine
  • Banished - Outpost Intel 14 - Assault Glory
  • Banished Deception Scorpion Coating

Spartan Core 4 - Riven Gate

4. Cleaved Gate

You can get this Spartan Core after lowering all the barriers insideSplit Gate. Go to the grav cannons overlooking the base which had one of the gate controls. You can either fly the Banshee or bring the grav cannon across the gap into the bunker that had the last switch. Directly to the right of the switch, you should see the Spartan Core in the corner of the next tunnel leading out of the bunker.

Spartan Core 5 – Riven Gate Nordosten

5. Riven Gate Northeast

This Spartan Core is not located at the Riven Gate, but it is a good reference point and the most convenient fast travel point to get to the Spartan Core. Head northeast from Riven Gate to the canyon filled with this large array of structures humming with electricity. You can spot this Spartan Core near many defeated Exiles below the first of the many triangular structures. Once you've completed Riven Gate, you can fast travel to this point, turn north and start walking to quickly get to the Spartan Core.

UNSC - Outpost Intel 13 - Trench Warfare

UNSC - Outpost Intel 13 - Trench Warfare

Along the cliffs on the northern edge of Riven Gate you'll find a small lookout post. Located near the westernmost gate, you can fight your way up to the ledge from a gravity launcher and a small tunnel in the cliff.

UNSC - Outpost Intel 14 - Recovery

UNSC - Outpost Intel 14 - Recovery

Just east of Riven Gate, outside the entrance, you'll find this audio log. Climb the cliffs on the south side of the road to find a sniper pole and the audio log lying on the ground next to a sniper rifle.

Verbannt - Outpost Intel 13 - The Great Spine

Verbannt - Outpost Intel 13 - The Great Spine

Near the gate on the east side of Riven Gate is an upper ledge with a tower, a locked building, and some captured marines. Open the building by activating the terminal in the tower, then drop down and go inside. You'll find this audio log leaning against a counter in the back right corner of the room.

Banished - Outpost Intel 14 - Assault Glory

Banished - Outpost Intel 14 - Assault Glory

After you open all three gates, Weapon will mention that a more permanent solution for Riven Gate needs to be found. Go to the cliff on the southern edge of the area and enter the building on the right. A gate used to block the way, but now the way is open and you can find the audio log right in the tunnel at the back of the building.

Banished Deception Scorpion Coating

Banished Deception Scorpion Coating

The Banished Deception Scorpion Coating is located slightly northeast of FOB Kilo and southwest of Riven Gate. However, this Mjolnir Armor Locker appears after you take over FOB Lima. It's located near the tall metal hexagons, so it's a bit tiring to climb the mountain to them.


You can skip back to our Halo InfiniteBanished Outpost Hubfor the other locations. You can also visit themMain page of our wiki guide, as well as oursInteractive map of Zeta Halofor all campaign features and collectibles.

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