Horizon Forbidden West and Elex 2 have surprisingly similar endings (2023)

ByBen Grindle

Between comparable threats and future teases, Guerrilla Games' Horizon Forbidden West and Piranha Bytes' Elex 2 end in remarkably similar ways.

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FollowHorizon Forbidden Westlaunch nearly a month ago, more players on PS4 and PS5 keep reaching the final chapters of the game. Although it can take up to 27 hours to see Aloy's main adventure to its end, the wayGuerrilla Games has built an engaging storyensuring that most cannot rest until they have done so. The way the almost inevitable third game in the series is set upForbidden Westthe ending, with apocalyptic stakes attached, also means some can't easily move on afterwards.

But what fans may be surprised to learn is the fact that the narrative themesHorizon Forbidden West plays around with under its conclusion, aren't exactly unique within the current gaming landscape. Oddly enough, German studio Piranha Bytes has tapped into many of the same concepts and ideas for its latest title. Released on March 1st, just a few short weeks after Guerrilla Games' own action RPG,Alex 2's final moments will be familiar to anyone who has played the aforementioned hit. Everything from the threats on display to the way a third episode is teased on a cliffhanger is surprisingly similar.

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Elex and Horizon's similarities

Horizon Forbidden West and Elex 2 have surprisingly similar endings (2)
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Before players can reach the conclusion of eitherHorizon Forbidden WestorAlex 2, it will become clear to them how much both universes have in common. From a genre perspective alone, both games are action RPGs built around geologically diverse open worlds. Similarly, the arsenals available to Aloy and her counterpart Commander Jax also walk the line between being retro and futuristic at the same time. Other mechanics such as the ability to craft upgrades and make moral choices are also present and factored into both games.Alex 2's focus on magic is one of the rare features that isn't currentlypart of Guerrilla Games' universe.

Given the popularity of the RPGs that have come out of Europe over the past few decades, it's not that surprising thatHorizon Forbidden WestandAlex 2mirror each other mechanically. What is striking, however, and helps set up their conclusions, are the narrative themes around which both games are built. On paper at least the universes ofHorizon and Elex are decidedly post-apocalypticin the wild. After the advent of killer self-replicating machines and the arrival of a deadly comet respectively, both depictions of humanity were pushed back into tribal-like factions. The planets they take place on may be different, but the rush to use ancient terraforming technology is also felt to some extent in both stories.

Rounding offHorizonandElex's casually uncanny similarities are a few real-world comparisons.Forbidden Westand Elex 2's proximity release date isn't the first time the universes have split space in that regard.Horizon Zero Dawncould have been overshadowed byThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when 2017's awards season rolled around, but in many ways Guerrilla Games' action RPG did the same for other genre contemporaries. The originalElex, for example, was released in October 2017, which also means that Piranha Bytes has been working on its sequel for almost the same time as Guerrilla.

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Elex 2's ending

Horizon Forbidden West and Elex 2 have surprisingly similar endings (3)
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ThroughoutAlex 2's narrative campaign players face the looming threat of war. It is because in the last moments of2017's original Elex game, Commander Jax was informed of the true nature of the comet that triggered Magalan's apocalypse. Before their final confrontation, the hybrid revealed to the protagonist that Skyand, a group of former human scientists, had deliberately crashed the celestial object into the planet. The titular Elex, subsequently unleashed and adopted by the survivors, was actually designed to prepare the world for their eventual return. Armed with this knowledge, players must attempt to build alliances in anticipation of this eventuality.

DuringAlex 2, Jax and the player gradually gain more insight into Skyand's motivations and history. It is revealed that before Magalan's death, the former group of human scientists attempted to reach a mysterious cosmicentity known as The Singularity. While at first it appears that their goals were altruistic, in reality their desires revolved solely around obtaining eternal life for themselves. To some extent, Skyand was able to accomplish this by stealing Elex from the entity, a process that presumably changed them into the reptilian-like creatures seen in the game.

DuringElex 2's climactic final moments, it becomes clear that Skyand's plans for the Singularity don't end there. Having stolen part of what is believed to be a sentient entity, the mutated humans are now fearful of their desire for revenge. While the presence of the Singularity is never physically shown on screen, Skyand predicts that when it arrives on Magalan, it will absorb all life into itself. The Comet and Skyand's subsequent attempts to sacrifice humanity were all designed in an attempt to allow the group to take control of it instead.

Horizon Forbidden West's ending

Horizon Forbidden West and Elex 2 have surprisingly similar endings (4)
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While some of the specifics may be different, Aloy still finds herself facing a lot of the same headaches that Jax does duringHorizon Forbidden West's closing chapters. At first, although they still retain their humanoid form,the game's antagonistic Father Zenithand their desire for immortal life is not too unlikeAlex 2's Skyduck. After assuming that the colonists were responsible for HADES' genocidal plans duringZero dawnThe main story is also revealed that like Skyand, Far Zenith is also afraid of a much bigger threat that has been pulling the strings all along.

After establishing a colony on Sirius in the wake ofthe apocalyptic Faro Plague, it is revealed that Father Zenith still did not fail to mess around with robots. In an attempt to achieve digital immortality, certain members of the colony poured their minds, memories and fears into the creation of an AI known as Nemesis. Despite attempts to bury what was deemed a failed experiment, Nemesis was still able to gain sentience. Driven by isolation and armed with access to all Far Zenith systems, the AI ​​destroyed the Sirius colony in a matter of hours. While at first it seems like Father Zenith planned to mold the Earth to their will, they actually planned to sacrifice it to their AI pursuer. This looks like Skyand and the entity that hunts them.

While it remains to be seenwhat Elex's Singularity actually wantswith humanity, it is clear that it and Nemesis are going to carry out similar plans in their respective universes. After sending the signal to activate HADES, it is pointed out to Aloy that Nemesis is intent on preventing its creators from ever building a new home for themselves. Although Father Zenith is taken out of the picture after Tilda's death inHorizon Forbidden West, there is a feeling that this will not change the AI's destructive plans. In both universes, the way a major threat has been unexpectedly introduced at the 11th hour has created a similarly agonizing wait for answers among their respective fanbases.

Horizon Forbidden Westis available now on PS4 and PS5.

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Does elex 2 have multiple endings? ›

ELEX II pitches itself as an Advanced World Simulation, with the actions you take in game having a direct effect on the world around you. While this may be tough to see at first, this does mean that the game comes with a number of different endings.

Are there different endings to Horizon Forbidden West? ›

In regards to why Horizon Forbidden West won't have multiple endings, McCaw describes the game's ending as “very strong and impactful.” This serves to reassure players that a single ending will be enough, and a lack of multiple endings won't be noticeable.

Is Aloy in love with Seyka? ›

Seyka Romance Options

Choosing this option will see Aloy admit her romantic feelings towards Seyka, and the pair share a kiss. Aloy will then explain she has a long road ahead of her, and Seyka agrees, admitting she has her own responsibilities to take care of, but says it's "enough to know how you feel".

Do your choices matter in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

There's no real morality system for Aloy, her character stays the same regardless of what you choose, and it has no impact on the story.

Can you get all endings one playthrough? ›

The good news is you can unlock all the endings in one playthrough, and most can simply be selected once you've beaten the final boss. However, some require a lot more work than simply making it to the Elden Ring.

Will there be ELEX 3? ›

yes. elex 3 wil probably only be on 2025. since elex I was 2017, and elex ii 2021. around 4 years of development.

Is there a secret ending in Forbidden West? ›

In a shocking twist, Tilda reveals her true nature to Aloy: She is wracked with guilt over abandoning Elisabet to die on Earth while she prospered with the Far Zenith, and wants to take Aloy on a new colony mission to clear her conscience.

Why is there no romance in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Why is there no romance in Horizon Forbidden West? Well, just as she was in Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems that Aloy is too busy saving the world during Horizon Forbidden West to have any interest in pursuing romantic relationships.

How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have? ›

There are a total of three possible endings that you can get in the Burning Shores DLC. The endings of the previous title (Horizon Zero Dawn), its DLC (Frozen Wilds), and even the base game were all focused on Aloy's ambitions as well as her will to save humanity and those she calls friends.

Can Aloy reject Seyka? ›

Aloy does have the option to reject Seyka's proposition, but even if she does so, that rejection doesn't include any implication that Aloy is straight.

Does Erend have a crush on Aloy? ›

Yes, erend has feeling for Aloy, but Aloy has made it abundantly clear she has never, and will never have romantic feelings for erend but still loves him deeply as one of the closest friendships she's ever had.

Does Petra have a crush on Aloy? ›

It is hinted that Petra was attracted to Aloy, as she makes several remarks to her that included innuendos, and even stated that she had a weakness for restless girls. Her banter prompts Aloy to ask if all Oseram flirt at inopportune moments.

What did Aloy whisper to Beta? ›

Intelligence - Aloy reminds Beta that she devised a solid plan, telling her that the probability of success without her is much slimmer than if she decides to tag along.

Can you romance anyone in Forbidden West? ›

While Aloy encounters dozens of characters throughout Horizon Forbidden West, there are unfortunately no romance options in the game. There is no way to build affinity with any characters and become romantically involved with them, and there are no love scenes at all.

Do I side with Yarra or Drakka? ›

Choose Your Side - Drakka Or Yarra

Ultimately, neither of the choices will have an effect on the main story, but the only difference is that the one who lives will give you the Burden of Command errand later on. It is up to you who you like the most of the two and who deserves to be the commander of the Desert Clan.

What game has 26 endings? ›

Nier: Automata has 26 different endings.

How do you get the dung eater ending? ›

To achieve this ending, you'll need to complete the Dung Eater Questline that sees you give Dung Eater enough Seedbed Curse to free his form and get the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. After the boss battle, you'll then be able to choose to either: Mend the Elden RIng or Use Mending Rune of the Fell Curse.

Can you do ranni quest after beating the game? ›

At the very end of the game, after defeating the final boss, if you've completed all of the previous steps in this questline you'll have the ability to summon Ranni using a summon sign on the ground.

Which is better ELEX or Elex 2? ›

Fans of ELEX should find ELEX II to be an upgrade. The graphics are slightly better, as are the combat system and the range of exploration the game allows for. Many of these improvements are only marginal, however, and those who found frustration with the first game won't find too many differences in the second.

Is Elex 2 bigger? ›

Elex 2 is bigger and its world is denser, but Piranha Bytes hasn't really fixed much of what was wrong about the first game. Janky movement and weak combat top the list. Annoying mechanics and glacial progression are right up there, too.

Should I play ELEX before Elex 2? ›

Players don't really need to play the first game for it, but it would certainly help. Well, it would seem that Elex 2 is largely comparable to the first game. That, and if players intend to check out the first game after Elex 2 hits their radar, they absolutely should.

Why did Tilda betray Aloy? ›

Her obsession for replacing Sobeck with Beta, and later Aloy, led Tilda to betray everyone who had ever come into contact with her for her own selfish goals.

Can you get Apollo in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Apollo still exists, however--aboard the Far Zenith ship. During the Forbidden West endgame, Gaia is in the process of assimilating Apollo back into her system, but first has to clean it of any potentially malicious Far Zenith code.

Does Sylens care about Aloy? ›

He has a deep respect for Aloy and her capabilities, but his pursuit of knowledge has seen him in isolation for most of his life. His indirect aid to Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West early on and even for the first game mostly is from afar.

Is Aloy queer? ›

Guerilla has to cement one of the choices made at Burning Shore's conclusion into the established canon. Even if you turn down your romantic interest, Aloy's queer identity is still confirmed with no room for doubt.

Who is Aloy's girlfriend? ›

During the expansion, which takes place after the end of the main campaign, Aloy will partner up with a Quen named Seyka. "She's an ambitious marine who has stepped up to help her people survive," lead writer Annie Kitain explains in a new PlayStation Blog post.

Is Seyka a love interest? ›

Seyka was serving as perhaps a canonical love interest for Aloy.

Can you max out Aloy in Forbidden West? ›

What is the max level cap in Horizon: Forbidden West? In Horizon: Forbidden West, you can level Aloy up to level 50. Because Forbidden West wants you to choose the skills according to your personal playstyle, you won't be able to max out every tree in a playthrough this time around.

What is the hardest level in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Ultra Hard: Ultra Hard difficulty offers the toughest combat experience for those seeking the ultimate challenge.

Who has a crush on Aloy? ›

Ever since Aloy helped Erend find his sister's killer, he has been starstruck by her. He lights up anytime he sees Aloy and does his best to spend as much time as he can with her. Erend has been one of Aloy's most loyal companions and is clearly very interested in her.

Can I remove Aloys headpiece? ›

Select Settings, and in the General section, scroll all the way to the bottom. Here, you'll find the option 'Show Headpiece'. Using this toggle, you can choose whether or not any head gear appears on Aloy. If you want them off, simply select 'Off', then back out of the menus and resume the game.

How does Aloy hold her breath longer? ›

Aloy will get the Diving Mask, a permanent upgrade that lets her stay underwater indefinitely, during the main story. To unlock the Diving Mask, you will need to play through the Main Quest, The Sea of Sands.

Is Aloy from Horizon asexual? ›

A dialogue scene from the new Burning Shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West has confirmed that Aloy is, in fact, queer – although the exact details of her identity aren't yet known.

Who is Aloy modeled after? ›

Aloy's physical likeness was based on the Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra.

What is Aloy real name? ›

Elisabet Sobeck. She was created by GAIA, the governing artificial intelligence of Project Zero Dawn, a global terraforming system that Sobeck had designed and whose implementation she had spearheaded, which restored life to Earth after its eradication by the Faro Plague.

Who does Petra fall in love with? ›

Rafael and Petra met in 2010, when she was engaged to Lachlan and Rafael set his sights on Petra as revenge for not getting the position that Emilio gave to Lachlan. As a result, Petra fell in love with Rafael and they married.

How old is Aloy now? ›

Aloy's age is estimated to be around 18 years old at the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn and approximately 19-20 years old at the start of Horizon Forbidden West.

Who is Erend sister in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Ersa is a character in Horizon Zero Dawn and a mentioned character in Horizon Forbidden West. She was an Oseram tribeswoman, the captain of the Carja Sun-King Avad's Vanguard, and the sister of Erend, her successor as Vanguard captain.

How does Elex 2 end? ›

During Elex 2's climactic final moments, it becomes clear that the Skyand's plans for the Singularity aren't finished there. Having stolen a part of what's believed to be a sentient entity, the mutated humans are now terrified of its desire for retribution.

Can you romance Caja in Elex 2? ›

There are 3 possible Companion Romance options in Elex 2. You can flirt with Caja, Nasty and Nyra. The possibility of Romance opens up as the Companion's loyalty grows.

Can you join all factions in Elex 2? ›

There are 6 NPC factions on Magalan in ELEX II. Most of them relate directly to the factions you encountered in ELEX I. You can join 5 of them: Berserkers, Morkons, Albs, Clerics and Outlaws by completing missions for them and gaining reputation. Joining each faction will be rewarded with an Achievement.

Does ELEX 1 carry over to Elex 2? ›

We started from a question that wasn't very clear but was answered completely correctly: no, you won't be able to carry over your save or your choices to Elex 2.

How many years between ELEX and Elex 2? ›

Elex II picks up six years after the events of the first game, though for some the memories remain fresh.

What is the strongest 1 hand weapon in Elex 2? ›

Arguably the best 1-handed weapon in ELEX 2 - you'll find The Cutter inside the Epsilara Former. You'll have to head all the way inside, into the room with the column of light. It's at the top of the winding staircase, guarded by numerous Skyands.

How long does it take to finish Elex 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Elex II is about 36 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 76½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is Elex 2 nasty? ›

Nasty is one of the Characters and a potential companion in ELEX. She is Logan, the Duke of Tavar's twin sister and a capable military commander. She is first located under a structure slightly north of the Duke's Bunker teleporter.

Who is Jax's wife in Elex 2? ›

Per the various Elex 2 trailers, players learn that Commander Jax has a son, named Dex, with Caja.

Can you join the albs in Elex 2? ›

The Albs are one of the factions that you can join in ELEX 2. Controlling their emotions and empowering themselves through the consumption of Elex, this group feels extreme animosity towards Jax due to his actions in the first game.

How to get romance with Lawan? ›

In short, no, you cannot romance Lawan in Dying Light 2. While a romance system doesn't exist in the game, your choices determine whether you get a good or bad outcome. So, at the end of the day, you can still run away with the City's most fearsome rogue if you play your cards right.

What is the max level in Elex 2? ›

Leveling & Character Development

There is no max character level in ELEX. However, as in other games, gaining another level of experience requires more EXP. Character Attributes describe the quality of your character. These are the most important parameters.

How many rings can you wear in ELEX? ›

Only one. Originally posted by DV8ing1: These rings go to a very special place though.


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